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About the canton of Vaud and its ski resorts

The geographical location of the Canton of Vaud

The Canton of Vaud is located in French-speaking Switzerland. It has a population of almost 750,000 and its capital is Lausanne. Its geographical location makes it a unique place: the Canton of Vaud is located between the Jura mountains to the north and the Alps to the south. Among the main points of interest in the Vaud environment are Lake Geneva (which is also the lowest point in the Canton at 372 metres) and the summit of the Diablerets (famous for its height of over 3,000 metres: it is the highest place in the Canton of Vaud).

One of the main attractions of the Canton of Vaud, it is, of course, the possibility of skiing in the different resorts that make up the territory.

The ski resorts vaud

There is, therefore, a very large number of ski resorts in the 3’200 square miles comprising the area of the Canton of Vaud. One of the main assets of the Township, it is the diversity of its stations : some of them are indeed located in a high altitude (including alpine resorts), while others are more easily attainable by being located at a lower altitude (this is the great peculiarity of the stations of the Jura).

Generally, the ski resorts of the canton of vaud share a common history. At the base, most of them were in fact the mountain villages relatively remote and little inhabited. Gradually, these villages have evolved and have become places of great seasonal and real resorts where winter sports are king. In the Jura, a small family ski very enjoyable and relaxing, while the alpine resorts are more focused on skiing pure.

All of the resorts are connected by shuttle bus service or are accessible directly on skis.

What type of skiing can we practice in the Canton of Vaud?

This is also one of the main assets of the township : all skiers can find their pleasure. Thus, the large alpine resorts suitable for alpine enthusiasts wishing to enjoy large areas and ski lifts of qualities. Here, it will make it a ski perfectly suited for the discerning winter sports.

In the Jura, the situation is different : the altitude difference is less and the smaller tracks make it a place particularly suited to the beginners or the young. However, more experienced skiers will find when even their happiness in some tracks in the Jura. The mountains of the Jura, meanwhile, offer an environment particularly favourable to the related disciplines, such as nordic skiing, snowshoeing or even hiking. The Jura offers a variety of possibilities thanks to its vastness and the quality of the facilities that can be found. The Canton of Vaud has set up multiple security rules to take full advantage of this medium is at once lavish, natural and wild.