Altitude 1'380 m - 2'680 m



  • 1'380 m - 2'680 m

  • 42 km of tracks

  • 4 facilities


Skiing in Evolène

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Webcam Evolène - Alt. 2'139 m

Webcam Evolène

Webcam Evolène

Webcam Evolène

Webcam Villa - Alt. 1'800 m.

Webcam Villa - Alt. 1'800 m.

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About Evolène

Located in the district of Hérens, in the heart of the Valais, the ski resort of Evolène is, perhaps more than any other village of the township, attached to its traditions. You will still see women attend mass in traditional costume. The setting is absolutely beautiful : the Dent Blanche y peaks at 4’357 m of altitude, in the midst of the valais Alps, the forests take on a majestic appearance under their thick coat of snow, the hikers will give heart to joy. The ideal place for a vacation in the snow, in families as well as lovers of winter sports!

The ski area of Evolène extends on 20 ha on the slopes of the Peak Arsinol, between 1407 m and 2680 m of altitude. It offers 42 km of slopes (212 km of blue slopes, 25 km of red runs and 5 km of black runs). The cross-country skiing fans will have three tracks : Evolène – Bridge Quetse (4.5 km), Evolène – Bridge Berthé (6.5 km) and Evolène – Bridge Berthé (9 km). A snowboard park has been built for snowboarders, and for lovers of powder snow, 5 km of pistes that are controlled and marked. A hiking trail to ski at the start of Evolène connects the pasture Arbey and its lake: the trail is 4 km long and winds its way through magnificent landscapes.

If you want to try other activities, you can put your skates to the rink of Haudères, near, or ride down the luge track at the centre of the village. You can also take the opportunity to climb an ice waterfall in the company of a mountain guide qualified. Finally, you can try a part of Alp-Paintball: two teams armed with guns with paint balls clash in the middle of nature. An unforgettable experience and memories to tell to your friends upon your return!

As stated in introduction, Evolène is a village very attached to its culture and traditions, and a real effort is undertaken to preserve them. The village is punctuated by many feasts and events, the most famous being of course the famous Carnival in Evolène, which is held in the evening of January 6, the evening of Mardi Gras. You can enjoy a guided tour of the village, and discover at the Museum in Evolène many aspects of everyday life, costumes, crafts... visits to nearby farms can be arranged for you to discover the famous cows of the Hérens Breed. Breeders will explain to you the characteristics of livestock farming in the mountains.

Evolène has a range of housing diversified : a hotel, several cottages and apartments rental, bed and breakfast and, if you are many, accommodation for groups. Outside of Evolène, several mountain huts are at your disposal if you're in the high mountains. If you want to discover the dishes of the area, stop in at The Tavern Evolénarde and discover its varied menu including local dishes and fine dining. Several farms in the surrounding area to ensure that the direct sale of their own products.