Ski resorts valais

Ski resorts valais

About the canton of Valais and its ski resorts

The canton of Valais

The canton valais is among the 26 cantons of the swiss Confederation. Located in the south of Switzerland, this canton is located in the high part of the Rhone valley. It crosses the glacier of the Rhone runs through the lake Geneva. Crossing the Alps, the canton is at a crossroads multiple, since it shares a border with the Haute-Savoie to the French, and with the Piedmont and Aosta valley, Italian on the other hand.
The canton is divided into three distinct zones: the lower Valais, the Central Valais, and the upper Valais.

The typical features of the Valais

The township is known to be a high mountain region. It is home to no less than 46 mountain peaks each of which culminates at more than 4000 meters of altitude. These summits find their source in the Alps, including the valais Alps. Crossed by the valley of the Rhone, this swiss canton if particular is also home to the largest and the longest glacier of Europe, the Aletsch glacier, listed as "world heritage" by the UNESCO. In total, the township contains 680 glaciers identified.
It is therefore not surprising if the Valais canton features a predilection for winter sports through its many ski areas.

Activities to practice in the canton of Valais

The township features some of the most beautiful ski areas in Europe. Offering ski-to-loss of sight, the township is the prime location for skiing. The ski resorts of the canton offer many activities and winter sports such as alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, snowboarding, walks with snowshoes etc
Valais ski resorts offer relatively easy slopes for lovers in learning stage. The skiers are not forgotten, more full-bodied runs and routes are available in numbers. The larger stations have ski resorts offering more than 600 km of pistes.

Ski resorts valais

The canton of Valais has ski areas in the Lower Valais, in the canton of Valais Central, as well as in the Upper Valais. About 50 ski resorts in the valais are identified. With the diversity of the offer and the characteristics of each, you are sure to find the ski resort in the valais ideal.
Lower Valais is very well-known among its ski areas ski resorts. The most prominent among the winter destinations are on the one hand, the stations of Portes du Soleil and on the other hand, those of the 4 Valleys. The ski resorts of the Portes du Soleil offer a ski area connected with France from more than 650 kilometers. As to the resorts of the 4 Valleys, you can enjoy a skiing area of more than 400 kilometers. These two ski areas offer the advantage of being connected ski to the feet between the valleys, which allows to reach easily and comfortably another ski resort in the same area.
Apart from Crans-Montanathe Central part of the township houses for its ski resorts, more modest, but, on the other hand, more warm. In fact, you will find some villages more typical. The atmosphere is therefore very friendly. These stations are, in particular, those of the Val d'hérens, Val d'anniviers, or even a part of the 4 Valleys...

The Upper part of canton valais is home to the ski areas is amongst the highest in terms of altitude. a large part of the ski resorts in this region exceeds 3’000 meters above sea level. Several ski resorts such as Bettmeralp, Riederalp, Fiescheralp, Zermattor Saas-Fee for the most well known, offer a ski area of quality.