Altitude 1'486 m - 2'202 m



  • 1'486 m - 2'202 m

  • 15 km of trails

  • 4 facilities


Skiing in Champex

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Webcams Champex

Webcam Champex - Alt 1466 m.

Webcam Champex - Alt 1466 m.

Webcam Val d'Arpette - Alt. 1660 m.

Webcam Val d'Arpette - Alt. 1660 m.

Webcam Champex, Trient hut - Alt. 3170 m.

Webcam Champex, Trient hut - Alt. 3170 m.

Webcam Champex, top of the slopes

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About Champex

The ski resort of Champex is located in the region of the Country of the Saint-Bernard to the borders of Italy and France, a region known for its pass, its hospice and its dogs Saint-Bernard. This family-friendly resort and picturesque you will discover a genuine place in the heart of nature, where the flora is covered with a white coat in winter. Lovers of winter sports will find their happiness in the small Canada switzerland. Take a stroll through the huge forests, check out the lake alpine and return to the comfort of a warm traditional wooden chalet after a good day in the fresh air.

Description of the station

Champex comes from campellumthat means small field. It is situated around a beautiful lake with crystal clear waters where the snow-capped mountains put on their reflections. Made up of three villages, this beautiful resort in the Valais begins by Orsières or Champex-Lac. Then, you will arrive at Champex d'en-Haut, where the departure of the chairlift of the Breya. The station ends with Champex below.

A winter resort family

Families enjoy staying in this resort to the warm welcome. In the winter, everyone will be able to find enough to fill his desires. Have fun on the ski or to learn to ski, Champex is a station magnificent view of the vast canadian north through a protected nature.

The sport for everyone

Downhill skiing or skiing, ice skating on the natural ice or artificial, walk with the Saint-Bernard, the winter sport activities are varied.
You can walk in snowshoes or ski-touring in idyllic places since the resort is perfectly located between Chamonix and Zermattas the course indispensable to the High-Road.

Beginners or confirmed, put on your skis and run 15 kilometers of slopes in the middle of a preserved nature. The displacement will be total.
The off-piste to practice without taking risk. Skiing outside of the ski areas along the routes where the panorama is breathtaking. It is mandatory to know perfectly the places, if such is not the case, ask a guide to accompany you.
The country of the Saint-Bernard offers you excursions amazing. Ski hiking is a common activity to Champex-Lac. Head to the Valley of arpette summits, where several paths will lead you to the Window of arpette summits, or at the Col des Ecandies. There also, please do not hesitate to have recourse to a guide. Browse the area to cross-country skiing. A trail of 12 kilometres has three loops to go to the three villages of Champex. The lake view will amaze you.
Walk also with snowshoes on the three trails that are available to you. Ride through the forest in the Val d arpette summits, or enjoy a spectacular panorama to the Valley of Orny and on the slopes of the Catogne.
This is not all, enjoy sumptuous surroundings in the footwear of your ice skates. An outdoor ice rink and the frozen lake you can skate freely while enjoying the idyllic setting of the small Canada. On the right side, the cascade of ice from Champex to give you a thrill by climbing the pyramid of ice of 16 metres accompanied by a mountain guide.
Hover over then the country of Saint-Bernard in paragliding. The scenery will amaze, either in tandem or solo, forget your daily life in you launching from the top of the Breya.

Ask a guide to follow you in heliskiing to descend the glacier of sort through impressive gradients.
There is also a ski trail that is fun for the small as the great.

The restoration

After a day in the fresh air, Champex offers you a great choice of restaurants with specialties mountain. Dine on the terrace or in the corner of a fireplace with a raclette or a fondue. Enjoy this little corner of the mountain to enjoy all kinds of cheese and cuisine of switzerland that will not leave you indifferent. Chocolate, cookies, candies, plants, beer, meat of grisons, these delicacies will go back for sure in your suitcases!